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Highly Recommended


Kuelbs+Rogers helped us transform our home's dull interior into a welcoming, gorgeous, family-friendly space. They carefully considered our needs and taste, then applied their creative talents to design beautiful upgrades that suit our lifestyle. During construction, they ensured successful results by communicating proactively with our contractor. I highly recommend them.

Elizabeth, homeowner   


Whole Package


Bruce and Jane put together a complete, thorough design for our entire (40 floor) building....from lobby to party rooms, service corridors to residential hallways. It was done in a manner that would allow us to do the work as we were able. Always pleasant to work with. Very professional.

Anne, condo building manager


Wonderful Project


Bruce and Jane were wonderful to work with! We hired them to design our new kitchen. The way our old kitchen was laid out was truly a challenge to design it how we wanted. Bruce and Jane listened carefully to our wishes and executed several drafts for us until we finally decided what we wanted. They were careful and detailed in the design and took their time to ensure a successful product. Any time we, or our contractor had specific questions, they were willing to stop by and help clarify. There is no way we could have gotten the kitchen we wanted without them and we are truly grateful. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is ready to dive into a rehab!

Susan, homeowner 


A Masterpiece


We asked for a 20 pound wish list to fit into a 4 pound bag and you created a masterpiece.

Beth, homeowner




My fourth project with Kuelbs + Rogers is just finishing up and, just like the other three, it is fabulous! The time they spent first talking with me about what I wanted/needed and then looking at the spaces I wanted changed, combined with their vision and creativity has made every project turn out in ways that far exceeded my wildest dreams of how great they could be! Bruce and Jane would show me their plans on paper and I thought I could envision what they were describing, but to see it come to fruition has been incredible every time! I also loved that as the project was being worked on, their involvement contlinued, to ensure that the contractor and workmen were doing it exactly like it needed to be. I appreciated their hands-on approach very much. I would highly, highly recommend Kuelbs + Rogers for any project!

Deb, homeowner


Great Job


K+R did a great job on our house remodel project...great artistic vision, great knowledge base, thank goodness we didn't go it alone!

Dev, homeowner 



Effortless Process


Kuelbs and Rogers is one of the best design firms in greater Chicago. They have years of training with some of the most accomplished architectural firms in the U.S. Their expertise is in creating environments that join the functional requirements of their clients, with a superb level of design and detail refinement. Jane and Bruce are two pros who understand how to work well with both clients and contractors resulting in a seemingly effortless process from beginning to end.

Kathleen, colleague 


Fun to work with


Kuelbs + Rogers is a very talented team orientated design firm. As a general contractor, working with them is fun and fulfilling. They have a unique ability to pack in many details while achieving a clean end result.

Bill, general contractor 


Joy to work with


Kuelbs + Rogers has been a joy to work with. I have done several projects with them, and each one has been a rewarding experience. In addition to architecture, Kuelbs + Rogers provides complete interior design service, including selection of furniture, rugs & window treatments. With the entire project planned in advance their projects have really turned out spectacularly. I always look forward to working on their projects. 

Joe, general contractor 



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